Our dock levelers, either hydraulic or mechanical, adapt with the majority of loading docks. If the given space does not allow the use of a traditional leveler, one of our edge-of-dock levelers is always an option.


  •  Super antiskid corrugation grid

The 6-8- 10 ton hydraulic mobile dock leveler  of  New Concept Mobile Yard Ramps adopt special super antiskid corrugation grids. Which are provided with reliable strength to avoid deforming permanently.

The corrugation grid structure of 10 ton hydraulic mobile dock leveler enhances the antiskid property to provide forklifts with better climbing capactity and operate ability.

It can beused mormally even in rain or snow.


  • Adjustable safe pedestals to prevent forklift from turning over

With the yard ramp laid at the end of a vehicle, when a loaded forklift rises to the end of the vehicle, the wight at the end of vehicle way cause it turning over.

New Concept provides every when loading or unloading. Therefore the safe operation may be obtained. The heights of pedestals can be adjusted according to the weight of vehicle so as to be used by different vehicles.


Please visit  - Products > Dock Levelers  - to be informed in detail.

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