Side door containers benefit from its full opening multi-doors,it is a preferential model for efficient loading and discharging,the base is constructed with enough strength due to the big sinking down after loading.


40' Open Side Container



Outside : ( L x W x H)  12,190 mm x 2.440 mm x 2,590 mm 

Inside :   ( L x W x H) 12,029 mm x 2.350 mm x 2,390 mm 

Door opening (side):  ( W x H)  5,820 mm  x 2,150 mm

Door opening (rear):  ( W x H) 12,029 mm x 2.300 mm

Max. Gross Weight: 30,480kg

Max. Payload:  26,700kg

Tare weight:  3,200kg

Capacity:      67,7 m3


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