Particularly suitable for voluminous light-weight cargoes (e.g. fruits,vegetables,organics)The interior atmosphere is controlled to delay respiration and to extend shelf life for fruits and vegetables. Spoiling and moulds is minimized. We have the best solution ready for nearly each and every cargo.

Key Benefits

  •  Long-distance transport
  • Best conditions for time-sensitive cargo
  • Preserves product quality: freshness, colour and condition
  • The slow down of ripening and ethylene production 


  • Avocados: allows up to 35 days transit time
  • Bananas: allows up to 45 days transit time
  • Blueberries: allows up to 28 days transit time
  • Mango: allows up to 28 days transit time
  • Other commodities: upon request


  • Walls in “sandwich-construction” with Polyurethane foam in order to provide maximum insulation.
  • The reefer unit is a compact-design compressor unit with air-cooled condenser. It switches automatically from cooling to heating-operation (and vice-versa), if a change of the outside temperatures makes it necessary.
  • Possible voltages: 380 V/50 Hz to 460 V/60 Hz.
  • Controlled Atmsphere uses nitrogen to adjust atmosphere balance, so O2 levels can be maintained at specific levels without increasing CO2 levels Greater control provides best assurance against losses




Outside : ( L x W x H)  12,190 mm x 2.440 mm x 2,890 mm 

Inside :    ( L x W x H) 11.580 mm x 2,300 mm x 2,550 mm 

Door opening:  ( W x H) 2,300 mm x 2,550 mm

Max. Gross Weight: 30,480kg

Max. Payload:  28,500kg

Tare weight:  3,990kg

Capacity:  66,5 m3






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