Standard Features Include:

  • V2203-DI 4-cylinder, water-cooled, 
  • 2.2-liter direct-injection diesel engine
  • Nominal 15 kW brushless, self-regulated generator, 460V output
  • All-steel fabricated frame construction with four-point PlateMount system
  • High-efficiency air cleaner (standard dry element, optional oil bath)
  • Full-flow spin-on oil filter with internal bypass
  • Integral fuel filter with water separator
  • Fuel warmer
  • External in-line fuel strainer with clear bowl
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Stainless steel hinges and hardware
  • Driver-side controls
  • Large aluminum service access door with quick-release latch
  • Battery access door
  • Forklift pockets allow mounting from either side
  • 12V DC maintenance-free battery
  • Safety stop controls for low oil pressure, high water temperature
  • Frame and sheet metal components powder-coated for durability
  • Patented E-coat tube and fin radiator
  • Large oil pan capacity extends running hours between oil changes
  • Fuel gauge, color-coded for easy level identification from a distance
  • DC ammeter
  • Power output circuit breaker
  • Preheat and Start/Run/Off switches
  • Coolant overflow bottle
  • Engine hourmeter 68-gallon (257-liter) integral fuel tank
  • Maintenance and schematic labels
  • Oil pressure and water temperature gauges
  • Solid-state battery charger


Accessories and Options:

  • FuelWise
  • Auto Restart
  • Four-point QuickMount™ installation system (with single captive bolts)
  • Low coolant sensor
  • 50-gallon (189-liter) integral fuel tank  available in aluminum or steel
  • 80-gallon (303-liter) integral fuel tank
  • CE certification
  • TIR seals for detecting unauthorized access
  • Outside mounted control box and additional unit service access door


Approximate Weights:

  • 705 kg (1,555 lb.) with 50-gallon integral steel tank, less fuel
  • 674 kg (1,485 lb.) with 50-gallon integral aluminum tank, less fuel
  • 717 kg (1,580 lb.) with 68-gallon integral fuel tank, less fuel
  • 710 kg (1,545 lb.) with 80-gallon integral aluminum tank, less fuel
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